Friday, November 21, 2008

Very First Clinical

I survived my first day of clinical, and so did my patient! I would have been quite surprised if he HAD died, as I have seldom seen a patient so stable in my earthly existence, but hey! I'm not used to people who STAY OK for the ENTIRE time I'm there. Usually they are either getting better or worse...this patient just sorta chilled.
The worst part about being assigned to a ~shudder~ nursing home ~shudder again~ is that I still have trouble thinking "like a nurse" as my instructor says. When I get nervous I automatically fall back on the ABCs. Airway, Breathing, Circulation. That doesn't WORK when your patient is stable as a rock, and their only problem is chronic orthostatic hypotension that causes them to fall over if they stand up quickly.
So the good part was my patient was delightful.
The BAD part is that I have to go back to that awful place THREE MORE TIMES. Why couldn't they have sent me to a hospital? Maybe a nice ER with patients coming in bleeding, or even drug seeking! I KNOW how to evaluate that!

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